Youko Itou

Youko Itou


Youko Itou (伊藤葉子), born January 10, is a voice actress from Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Due to sharing her name with another actress, she uses the name Hasumi Itou (伊藤 葉純). She previously used the name Shinobu Izumi (和泉 忍). She uses the alias Kazuha (和葉) for her work with adult anime.

Known For: Acting


Place of Birth: Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Also Known As: Itou Hasumi, 伊藤 葉純, Itou Youko, 伊藤 葉子, Izumi Shinobu, 和泉 忍, Kazuha, 和葉, Hasumi Itou